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MESSAGE from Hikki

  • 1999.05.24

    Hey how's the weather over there?

    I'm back again in English! (my second time)

    Sorry that I hadn't written any english messages for a while. It is totally amazing that I keep on getting so many mails from overseas!

    There were requests for an english version of this site in some of the mails, but I think the most I can do for now is to continue writing english messages periodically. I'll try to do it more often! (promise!)

    Arrgh! The finals are coming up! But it's not that much of a pain, coz I can feel summer vacation comin' up just around the corner. (wait, did that sound kinda corny? LOL ...call it classic*)

    Thanx for the support!

    PS Tokyo's becoming increasingly humid (ugh) but it's nice and sunny. It's getting hot!!

  • 1999.03.25

    this one's for all of you guys outside of japan!

    INTERNET's a pretty amazing thing, huh?? Lately I've been receiving a lot of mail from overseas (Singapore, US, India, Germany, England, etc etc!!) and it just blows me away to think that my music is being listened to all over the world! (especially because my music's in Japanese)

    I just realized that most computers overseas don't read Japanese, so I'm writing in English this time, hoping that some strange people still check this "message from hikki" section. lol.

    Anywayz, I just wanted to give a huge shout-out to everyone who's supporting me overseas! I definitely feel the love! lol

    I hope I can see you guys some day*

    * * * thanx * * *

    all my luv,