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MESSAGE from Staff

  • 2013.05.22

    There will be no broadcasting of KUMA POWER HOUR "Episode 2" today.

    This is an announcement for our listeners who are looking forward to KUMA POWER with Utada Hikaru. As Hikaru Utada suffered from tonsillitis, we have been required to cancel the broadcasting of Episode 2. Instead, we will repeat the broadcasting of Episode 1 today. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to all the listeners of our program. The broadcasting date of Episode 2 is pending and will be announced once decided. We appreciate the understanding of all listeners.

    EMI Records Japan

  • 2011.05.10

    Server Maintenance of Hikki’s WEBSITE

    Thank you for your ongoing support of Utada Hikaru.

    Please be aware that the PC and mobile phone versions of Hikki’s WEBSITE will be unavailable during the following time period while EMI Music Japan conducts server maintenance. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

    Maintenance time: 1:00AM–10:00AM (approx. 9 hours), May 26, 2011

    Please note that maintenance times may vary slightly.

    Nozomu Kaji
    EMI Music Japan Inc.

  • 2011.03.25

    2 Day Yokohama Arena WILD LIFE Concert DVD, Blu-ray Release Date Postponed

    Concerning the Release Date of the Utada Hikaru WILD LIFE DVD and Blu-ray

    Our deepest sympathies and condolences go to those affected by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

    We have been forced to postpone the release of the WILD LIFE DVD and Blu-ray due to damage at the pressing factories from the earthquake.

    Each product shall now be released on the following dates.
    DVD: April 20
    Blu-ray: May 18

    We are deeply sorry to those interested in the products and those who have already pre-ordered them.

    Regarding the B2-sized WILD LIFE poster present, 30,000 posters shall be released with the DVD and 20,000 shall be released with the Blu-ray.

    We sincerely ask for your understanding.

    Hidenori Okita
    A&R1, EMI Music Japan Inc.

  • 2010.02.24

    Server Maintenance of Hikki’s WEBSITE

    Thank you for your ongoing support of Utada Hikaru.

    As Hikki's WEBSITE will undergo some routine server maintenance in March, both PC and mobile phone versions will be unavailable for viewing during the following time slot. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

    4:00 a.m.–Noon on Monday, March 15, 2010

    Please note that maintenance times may vary slightly.

    Nozomu Kaji
    EMI Music Japan

  • 2009.06.25

    # Discontinuation of support for older model phones on “Hikki’s MOBILE SITE”

    “Hikki’s MOBILE SITE” has been offered to subscribers of docomo, au and SoftBank. Please note that support for certain older model phones will end on Aug. 31, 2009.
    Affected models:

    Docomo 50Xi, 50XiS series 20Xi, 20XiS series
    Subscribers to docomo who have a “My Menu” entry for “EMI Music Japan” can access the site until Aug. 3, 2009. Starting Aug. 4, please access the site from the bookmark. To cancel the service, click the following: @ My Menu Cancellation http://mobile.emimusic.jp/mymenu/taikai.html?uid=NULLGWDOCOMO

    au Some models in A5000 series C5000 series Devices prior to A3000/C3000 series

    SoftBank Devices prior to V50X/V60X series

    Note: Customers will be able to access from the bookmark until Aug. 31, 2009. Please note that starting Sept. 1, 2009, a “service unavailable” message will be displayed.

  • 2009.02.13

    Publication delay of official books "Ten (Point)" and "Sen (Line)"

    Thank you for your continued support of Utada Hikaru.

    We regret to inform you that the publication of Utada Hikaru's first official books, "Ten (Point)" and "Sen (Line)," originally scheduled for March 10, has been rescheduled for March 19, due to production delays.

    We truly apologize for any inconvenience. The artist and staff are presently hard at work finalizing what we are confident will be fantastic books of the highest quality. Please look forward to them!

  • 2003.03.13

    Thank you very much!

    Supported by warm encouragement from all her fans, Utada Hikaru has been awarded the "Artist of the Year" in the 17th Japan Gold Disc Award. On behalf of all the staff here I would like to express my appreciation.

    The year 2002 was a year of changes for Utada Hikaru, both professionally and personally. Watching her sing "Deep River," the title track of the album "DEEP RIVER" (released that year) at the award ceremony,we were filled with deep emotion. This song was written last among the songs in the album. The performance was the most memorable of the many shown during a series of her TV appearances, and we almost felt Hikaru's own will toward the future. Those who missed, be sure to watch it when it is aired on NHK.

    From now on, Hikaru will pursue her international career under the name Hikaru Utada. And someday soon, after more "tuneup," she will appear in front of you again as Utada Hikaru.

    Lastly, I would like to send the lyrics from "Deep River" back to her just like a boomerang.

    Akira Miyake
    1st A&R Dept., Virgin Division
    Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2002.08.06

    About "UH3+" and others

    I'd like to answer a few questions from fans:

    1. As announced the other day, the music clip for "Deep River" is a new video by director Kiriya and features Hikaru. As soon as it is completed,we'd like to use it as a promotional clip, as well, so please look forward to it. The reason why the announcement was delayed is because we wanted to be sure that Hikaru herself would actually appear.

    2. About the inclusion of "FINAL DISTANCE" in "UH3+"
    "FINAL DISTANCE" ~ "traveling" ~ "SAKURA Drops" form one related story. "FINAL DISTANCE" was previously included in "UH2," but we decided to include it in "UH3+" as we thought our fans would enjoy these tracks more when they are viewed consecutively.

    3. About a new single release
    Rumors claiming that a new single will be released around the end of September are totally false.
    What's definite, at this point, is that "UH3+" and "Deep River" analog disc will be released on September 30.

    Akira Miyake
    A&R 1 Group Virgin Headquarters
    Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2002.07.01


    "Deep River" is off to a great start! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone invloved: the fans, record stores, media, factory workers and the people involved in distribution. Thank you -- we hope that "Deep River" becomes a long-term hit album!

    Akira Miyake
    A&R 1 Group, Virgin Headquarters
    Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2002.06.19

    Notes on Playing the CD "Deep River" on Windows Media Player

    Hikki's new album "Deep River" was released today, and we have already received many enthusiastic e-mails from fans. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all!
    Now, some fans who purchased the CD have commented that when playing "Deep River" on a PC, track titles different from those on the album are displayed in Windows Media Player.
    We must first explain that audio CDs contain no computer-readable data such as track titles and artist names. Windows Media Player seems to have a system whereby the tracks are retrieved from a database via the Internet.
    This database has no connection with our company, and we do not know how the data is searched and displayed. We understand that this only happens when the PC is connected to the Internet.
    For more information, launch Windows Media Player and open "Topic Search" under the "Help" menu. Once in "Topic Search," please switch to the tab called "Keyword," and read through "Display CD Information."

    Hidenori Okita
    A&R 1 Group, Virgin Headquarters
    Toshiba EMI Ltd.