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MESSAGE from Staff

  • 2000.03.08

    About update of this page

    Thank you all for visiting the site!
    We are very relieved that it's become easier to access.
    Visitors who might think the pages haven't been updated should click the "reload" button on their browser, or if that doesn't work, clear the browser cache, quit and then revisit.
    By the way, as many of you may have noticed, a jacket photo of the coming new song, "Wait & See ~Risk~" has been made public for the first time on this site. Furthermore, you can listen to about 30 seconds of the new song on the "Discography" page. Please check it out!

    Nozomu Kaji, A&R 1 Group, Domestic A&R Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2000.03.01

    About pirated versions of Hikaru Utada's works

    A request to all:
    Recently, pirated versions of Hikaru Utada's works have been circulating over the Internet.
    One of these in particular, a copy of her live performance at Umeda HEAT BEAT, greatly infringes on the intellectual property rights of the artist, record company and management office.
    We urge you to take special care so as not to be deceived by such counterfeit products.
    We will conduct a thorough investigation into this matter, which does not exclude the possibility of firm legal action against the perpetrators.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Akira Miyake, General Manager, Domestic A&R Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2000.02.03

    Information about the DVD software "HIKARU UTADA SINGLE CLIP COLLECTION VOL.1"

    DVD "Hikaru Utada Single Clip Collection Vol.1," released from Toshiba EMI on Dec. 22, 1999, was produced for the domestic Japanese market; as such it can only be played on DVD players sold in Japan, and is not compatible with DVD players marketed elsewhere.
    DVDs are encoded with a signal corresponding to regions, called a "region code," allowing them to be played back only on equipment sold in those regions. At Toshiba EMI, DVDS of domestic Japanese artists are sold with a region code for use within Japan only, so as to prevent illegal marketing of DVD software overseas. Thus, on the back cover of each product is clearly marked "(region code) 2 / NTSC / for Japan market."
    We appreciate your understanding.

    Yuji Endo, Video Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2000.01.19

    To those who were unable to connect to the "important announcements" page

    As of 00:40 on Jan. 19, the site is quite busy with many "hits" from so many visitors. We are sorry to those who were unable to connect to the "important announcements" page.
    If your screen hasn't changed after 00:00, please click your browser's "reload" button when "Chuichi" appears at the first screen (http://www.toshiba-emi.co.jp/hikki/).
    Thank you.

    Toshiba EMI Ltd. / U3MUSIC / Fes inc.

  • 2000.01.15

    About re-lease of 2nd Album

    Recently I received the inquiry, "Is it true the second album will be released in March?"
    I've never officially stated such a thing, nor it is fact.
    It is true that during the winter vacation( from end of last year to early this one), Hikki was recording, but the timing of the release of her second album is not yet decided.
    Of course, as soon as it is decided, we'll let you know through this site!
    Please wait a while longer...

    Hidenori Okita
    A&R 1 Group, Virgin Domestic A&R, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2000.01.13

    About "Christmas & New Year Card" 2

    Hello, everyone.
    Thank you for your understanding about the mailing procedure and purpose of the Christmas and New Year Card.
    As a result, from among hundreds of thousands of fan letters and e-mails, we listed all those that satisfied the conditions of "clearly legible name and address," and already by the end of last year we had completed the work of mailing them out.
    At present we are receiving day after day return messages in various media, about which we're very happy. Now it's the year 2000. Hikaru Utada has already started new activities. We staff will do our best to bring you the latest news. Look forward to it! 2000/11/24/13/42/19

    Teruzane Utada, U3MUSIC (Produce & management)/ Keiji Ozawa, Fes inc.(Promotion)

  • 1999.12.28

    About "Christmas & New Year Card"

    Hello everyone,
    Let me explain the "Christmas & New Year Card" about which we've received so many inquiries these last few days. The most popular questions was, "How can I get one?" Since Hikaru's debut, she's received much fan mail here -- letters, e-mail to the site, faxes, request postcards -- as well as email to "Tres Bien Bohemian," on which she is a regular, and through questionnaires at the film concert "Luv Live Re-Mix" held Japan-wide. From all the messages received, we decided to send "Christmas & New Year Card" to those containing a clearly written name and address. We didn't use any particular method of selection. Some people asked, "Maybe she now has a Fan Club, and the cards were only sent to the members?" That's not the case at all. For your information we're still in the process of mailing out the cards, because the number of people on the list has become so enormous! Naturally, the mailing list was created by a professional to avoid any mistakes, and all of us staff are working hard so the cards will reach you as soon as possible. Please understand that the cards above all reflect Hikki's deep appreciation to all the fans who have supported her over the past year. We all appreciate your continued support and cooperation in the future. Thank you.

    Teruzane Utada, U3MUSIC / Keiji Ozawa, Fes inc.

  • 1999.12.27


    We received several comments from people who purchased the VHS tape "HIKARU UTADA SINGLE CLIP COLLECTION VOL.1," released on Dec. 16, that the visuals did not seem to be of extraordinarily high quality.
    With VHS tapes, the recorded material (analog signals of sound and video) are played back on VCRs, and therefore, the images cannot escape a slight deterioration compared with the video viewed on TV, which uses higher-quality "broadcast video" for commercial purposes. Also, some sequences on the tape were intentionally made "rough" by the producers.
    The promotional video clip of "Automatic" was produced as a short version.
    Please understand that some parts of the video have different lyrics from those printed on the liner notes.

    Yuji Endo, Video Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 1999.12.03


    On Dec. 16, the first video, entitled "Hikaru Utada Single Clip Collection Vol.1," will be released (DVD on Dec. 22). We have received many inquiries about this product from fans visiting this site. Thank you! The details are as follows: (as of Dec. 2)
    "Hikaru Utada Single Clip Collection Vol.1"
    Release Dates:
    VHS (TOVF-1340) -- Dec. 16
    DVD (TOBF-5020) -- Dec. 22
    Price: 2,800 yen (tax included) or 2,667 (before tax) for both VHS and DVD
    1. Automatic
    2. making of "Movin' on without you"
    3. Movin' on without you
    4. First Love
    5. making of "Addicted To You"
    6. Addicted To You
    +bonus track "time will tell"
    In addition to the video clips of four singles released to date, this product includes the making of "Movin' on without you" and "Addicted To You," plus a bonus track (!).
    Now, the most common question we received was "Does the content differ between VHS and DVD?" DVD is a new medium receiving much attention. It's the same size as a CD but capable of storing more information -- large amounts of digitally recorded video and sound, for example. DVD also has an interactive function where you can jump to various parts from the menu screen. Naturally, you need a DVD player.
    The DVD version features:
    1. Text such as lyrics and credits can be viewed on the TV screen.
    (VHS version has a booklet where such information is included.)
    2. Two sound tracks are recorded for the fifth track, "making of 'Addicted To You'." You can listen to a different sound according to your selection. (How different are the two? You'll have to buy it to find out!)
    Now, as an initial-production bonus, the following are included:
    1. An original postcard and sticker (one each) are included in the VHS version.
    2. Two original stickers (of different design) are included in the DVD version.
    We have prepared as many of these bonus items as possible, but there's a limit! As soon as stock runs out, they won't be included in either version, so we urge you to purchase these products as soon as possible!

    Yuji Endo, Video Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 1999.11.19

    About books published of late

    About books published of late:
    Recently, many books about Hikaru Utada have been published, and most of them were produced without our being contacted.
    Consequently, many of these books contain false information, or sound like they were written from actual knowledge but are, in fact, merely guesswork. Jacket photos, rightfully ours, are used without permission. Material from the Hikaru Utada website, whose unauthorized use is prohibited without written permission, is often cited. We are currently contemplating legal action against such infringements.
    We're sorry to see these violations of the artists' rights and privacy and we hope to rectify the situation.
    At this time, there are no plans to publish an official book. Please understand the current situation. Any plans for such a book will, of course, be announced on this site.

    Akira Miyake
    A&R 1 Group, Domestic A&R, Virgin Division
    Toshiba EMI Ltd.