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Her debut single “Automatic/time will tell” released on December 9, 1998 sold over two million copies, and at the young age of 16, she made her name as one of Japan’s top artists.
Just a few months later, she released her first album “First Love,” which set the record in CD sales in Japan. This record still remains unbroken.
All of her albums that followed have topped the charts. In 2007, her single “Flavor Of Life” set the world record in number of downloads.
In 2010, she took a break from her music activities to focus on her life as a person. In April 2016, she went full-throttle with her artist activities by releasing the singles “Hanataba Wo Kimini” and “Manatsu No Tooriame.” She is a talented Tetris player.

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  • 01.15~02.12

    Utada In The Flesh Tour 2010, U.S., headliner


  • 03.14

    This Is The One, advance release in Japan, 2nd album as "Utada" (Universal Music Japan)

  • 03.19

    First books are published: Ten (Point) and Sen (Line)

  • May

    This Is The One album released in the U.S. (Island Records)

  • June

    Streaming begins via Chaku-Uta ®/Chaku-Uta Full ®/PC for streaming-only single Beautiful World -PLANiTb Acoustica Mix- (Evangelion Shin- Gekijoban: Ha theme)


    The 23rd Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix
    • Prisoner Of Love: Best 5 Chaku-Uta ® Songs, Best 5 Chaku-Uta Full ® Songs, and Best 5 PC Streaming Songs
    • HEART STATION: Best 10 Albums award

    1st CD Shop Grand Prix 2009
    • Honorable Mention for HEART STATION


  • 02.20

    20th Single "HEART STATION / Stay Gold" (CD) released ("tay Gold" features in the new KAO Asience TV commercial)

  • 03.19

    5th album "HEART STATION" (CD) released (her 5th original album to enter the Oricon charts at No.1)

  • 05.21

    21st Single "Prisoner Of Love" (main theme for the Fuji TV Network drama, "Last Friends") (CD + DVD) released


    The 22nd Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix
    "Flavor Of Life" won "Single of the Year," "The Best 10 Single," "The Best ' Chaku-Uta Full® ' Song," "PC Streaming Song of the Year" and "The Best 5 PC Streaming Song" awards.
    "Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-" won "The Best 5 ' Chaku-Uta® ' Song" and "The Best 5 ' Chaku- Uta Full® ' Song" awards.
    "Beautiful World" won "The Best 5 PC Streaming Song" award.
    JASRAC Awards 2008
    "Flavor Of Life" won the Gold Award.
    MTV VMAJ 2008
    "Beautiful World" won the "Best Video from a Film" Award.


  • 02.28

    18th single, "Flavor Of Life" released (CD)
    "Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-" is an image song for "Hanayori Dango 2," Friday drama series on TBS Network.

  • 05.31

    Pre-sale streaming begins of single "Kiss & Cry" (new theme song for the Nissin Cup Noodle TV commercial, FREEDOM series)

  • 07.04

    Streaming DLs of "Flavor Of Life" tops 7 million; EMI MUSIC announces it as new world record.
    iTunesR Plus, launched on May 30 2007, offers the track as the first pre-sale Japanese new song.

  • 08.29

    19th single "Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry" (CD)
    ("Beautiful World" is the theme song for "Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: Jo," and "Kiss & Cry" for the Nissin Cup Noodle TV commercial, FREEDOM series)


    The 21st Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix
    "Album of the Year" for "ULTRA BLUE"
    "Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-" wins "Best Song" awards in 4 categories: " Chaku-Uta® ,"
    "TV CM," "RBT" and "Ringtone Melody" on the Recochoku (Label Mobile Inc.) annual chart.


  • 02.22

    16th single "Keep Tryin" (TVCM tie-up song with LISMO!au LISTEN MOBILE SERVICE) released

  • 05.31

    First digital-release only single "This is Love" (Nissin Cup Noodle's FREEDOM campaign theme song) streaming begins via Chaku-Uta Full®

  • 06.14

    4th album "ULTRA BLUE" (5th album to achieve top rank on Ori-Con album chart. Winning top album rank five consecutive times on Ori-Con chart made Hikki tie the record for female artists; initial sales topping 500,000 copies for all five albums was a record achievement)

  • 07.01

    Launched her second Japan tour, "UTADA UNITED 2006," first in six years (11 cities, 22 venues, through 9.10)

  • 07.28

    "ONE NIGHT MAGIC." a one night-only live performance held at ZeppOsaka

  • 09.27


  • 11.22

    Release of 17th single "Boku wa Kuma" (Oct. ~ Nov. song on NHK's "Minna no Uta" TV program)

  • 12.20

    DVD "UTADA UNITED 2006" released


    The 20th Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix
    - "Song of the Year" for "Be My Last"

    iTunes BEST of 2006
    Best Seller Song "Keep Tryin'"


  • 09.28

    14th single, "Be My Last," main theme for the motion picture "Snowy Love Fallin' in Spring" ("Haru no Yuki"), released (CD and CD+DVD)

  • 11.11~19

    Internet Talk & Live "Be My Last" streamed

  • 12.14

    15th single, "Passion," theme song for the game "KINGDOM HEARTS II," released (CD and CD+DVD)

  • 12.22~06.01.10

    Internet Talk & Live "05-ijou 06-miman" UTADA HIKARU HOLIDAY LIVE SPECIAL" streamed

  • 12.23

    Guest appearance at Yosui Inoue's live performance


    The 19th Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix
    - "Song of the Year" for "Darekano Negaiga Kanau Koro"
    - "Rock & Pop Album of the Year" for "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1"
    - "Music Video of the Year" for "Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 'Hikaru no 5'"


  • 02.03, 04, 07, 08, 10

    "Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 'Hikaru no 5' (Hikaru's 5)" held

  • 03.31

    Album "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1" released; wins top rank in Ori-Con's annual album chart, making Hikki a record four-time winner of this award

  • 04.19

    Attended the premiere of the motion picture "CASSHERN"

  • 04.21

    13th single, "Darekano Negaiga Kanau Koro" (theme song for the motion picture "CASSHERN") released (top rank in Ori-Con's single and album charts simultaneously for 2 consecutive weeks a first for her)

  • 07.28

    DVD "Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 'Hikaru no 5'" and DVD single "Darekano Negaiga Kanau Koro" released

  • 10.05

    Debut across America as Utada with the album "EXODUS" from Island Records


    AMD Award ("Best Music Composer") for "UH LIVE STREAMING - Nijudai wa Ike Ike!"


  • 01.13

    JFLS Network Special Program "Tres Bien Bohemian Special from Tokyo" aired

  • 01.19

    First Net event, "UH Live Streaming "Nijudaiwa Ike Ike!," held (one million unique visitors)

  • 01.29

    12th single "COLORS" (Toyota WiSH Commercial song) released

  • 03.12

    DVD single "COLORS" released

  • 03.26

    Participates as chorus on the track "Kaze ga Fuiteru" of Kuzu's 1st album, "Kuzu Album"

  • 03.28

    "Emily the Strange," a picturebook translated by Utada Hikaru, published by Media Factory, Inc.

  • 03.29

    DVD "Nijudaiwa Ike Ike!" released

  • 05.07 (05.08 Japan time)

    Attends the World Premier in L.A. of "The Matrix Reloaded"

  • 10.31

    Announces her overseas debut name -- "UTADA" -- at the Universal Convention

  • 12.15

    "Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 'Hikaru no 5' (Hikaru's 5)" announced (total entries for tickets: 1,037,435)


    "Best Female Artist" from J-WAVE's "Tokio Hot 100 Awards"
    "SAKURA Drops" wins "Best Female Video" award at the SSTV "Music Video Awards 03"
    "Best Female Video" award from MTV Japan's "Video Music Awards 2003"
    The 17th Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix
    "Artist of the Year," "Song of the Year" for "Hikari," "SAKURA Drops" & "COLORS"
    "Rock & Pop Video of the Year" for "traveling"
    2003 "JASRAC AWARDS" Silver Prize for "traveling" & Foreign Work Prize for "Hikari"


  • 01.30

    Releases DVD single "traveling"

  • 01.31

    Performs "Fly Me To The Moon" at opening ceremony of World Economic Forum held at Waldorf Astoria, New York

  • 02.18

    Attends reception held for President Bush at Prime Minister's official residence

  • 02.21

    Announces contract with Island Def Jam as "Hikaru Utada," her artist name in the U.S.

  • 03.20

    Releases 10th Single "HIKARI"

  • 05.09

    Releases 11th Single "SAKURA Drops / Letters"

  • 05.27

    Duet appearance in Sheena Ringo's first cover album "UTAITE MYORI-Vol.1-" on the track "i won't last a day without you."

  • 06.19

    3rd album "DEEP RIVER" released
    (9th-best album sales in the history of Ori-Con charts)

  • 09.06

    Announced her marriage with Mr. Kazuaki Kiriya
    on the official Web site 

  • 09.30

    Analog disc album "DEEP RIVER"


    "traveling" -- Best Art Direction Video,
    Best Female Video & Best Video of the Year
    MTV JAPAN's Video Music Awards:
    Best R&B
    "traveling" wins the "Best Art Direction Video," "Best Female Video" and "Best Video of the Year" awards at the SSTV "Music Video Awards 02"
    "Best R&B" award from MTV Japan's "Video Music Awards"
    The 16th Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix
    "Song of the Year" for "Can You Keep A Secret?" & "traveling"
    "Pop Album of the Year" for "Distance"
    2002 "JASRAC AWARDS" Silver Prize for "Can You Keep A Secret?"


  • 02.16

    7th Single "Can You Keep A Secret ?" released.

  • 03.20

    Airplay of a special program, "Tres Bien! Bohemian Special from NY" on JFLS Station

  • 03.28

    2nd Album "Distance" released.

  • 07.02

    MTV's "Utada Hikaru Unplugged" recorded at TV Tokyo Tennoz Studio

  • 07.20

    Airplay of "Tres Bien! Bohemian Summer Special from Tokyo," Utada Hikaru's special program on JFLS Station

  • 07.25

    8th Single"FINAL DISTANCE"released.
    2nd Album(Analog Album)"Distance"released.

  • 08.10

    The first airplay of "Utada Hikaru Unplugged" on MTV

  • 09.27


  • 10.17

    Free paper "Utada Mag Vol.1" distributed at record stores in Japan (published monthly through Vol.6)

  • 11.28

    9th Single "traveling" released.

  • 11.28


  • 12.12

    Utada Hikaru participates as guest vocalist in "Promise 'I Do'" on Ohguro Maki's New Album "O"


    The 15th Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix "Song of the Year" for "Wait & See ~ Risk ~" & "For You/Time Limit"


  • 04.19

    5th single "Wait & See ~ Risk ~" released

  • 04.22

    Tickets for "Bohemian Summer" July concerts sold out in 90 minutes

  • 04.23

    Tickets for "Bohemian Summer" August concerts sold out in 75 minutes

  • 05.10

    Analog disc "Remix: Fly Me to the Moon" released in limited production

  • 06.26

    Secret live at Shibuya On Air East

  • 06.26~07.07

    Lottery entry period (via postcards, telephones and Net) for tickets to additional concerts of "Bohemian Summer." (Total entries:950,000)

  • 06.30

    6th single "For You/Time Limit" and DVD single
    "Wait & See ~ Risk ~" released

  • 07.01~08.17

    First nationwide tour "Bohemian Summer~Utada Hikaru Circuit Live 2000"
    (7/1 & 2 at Yoyogi Stadium No.1 Gym; 7/7 & 8 at Hiroshima Green Arena
    7/15 & 16 at Sendai Grandy 21; 7/20 & 21 at Makomanai Ice Arena
    7/26 & 27 at Ishikawa Prefecture Sangyo Tenjikan No.4 Hall
    8/2 & 3 at Asty Tokushima; 8/5 & 6 at Osaka Castle Hall
    8/11 & 12 at Marine Messe Fukuoka ;8/16 & 17 at Nagoya Rainbow Hall)

  • 08.21~23

    "Bohemian Summer" additional concerts (Chiba Marine Stadium)

  • 08.29

    "Bohemian Summer" in Tokushima to replace 8/1 concert

  • 12.09

    First Live Video"BOHEMIAN SUMMER 2000" (VHS/DVD) released


    The 14th Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix "Artist of the Year" &"Song of the Year" for "Automatic," "Movin' on without you" & "Addicted to You"
    "Pop of the Year" for "First Love"
    "Music Video of the Year" for "Single Clip Collection Vol.1"
    World Music Awards 2000 "Best-Selling Japanese Artist"
    2000 "JASRAC Awards" Gold Prize for "Automatic" and Silver Prize for "time will tell"


  • 02.17

    2nd single "Movin' on without you" (Nissan Terrano CM song) released.
    First single to enter Ori-Con chart at No.1.
    12-inch single "Automatic/time will tell" released.

  • 02.23

    "Hikaru's Ikiatari Battari" -- mcSister's monthly column launched (now ended)

  • 03.10

    Debut album "Fist Love" released.

  • 04.01

    "Luv Live" at Umeda Heatbeat, Osaka

  • 04.02

    "Luv Live" at Zepp tokyo,Tokyo

  • 04.28

    3rd single "First Love" (main theme for TBS Network's weekly drama "Majo no Joken") released.

  • 05.10

    Album "First Love" ranked all-time No.1 on Ori-Con's album chart

  • 06.30

    12-inch album "First Love" released

  • 07.29

    Video concert "Luv Live Remix" held at 7 locations in Japan (Saporo/Sendai/Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka/Hiroshima/Fukuoka)

  • 08.24

    Sokenbicha Natural Breeze Concert (Nippon Budokan)

  • 10.01

    Weekly program "Tres Bien Bohemian" launched
    (FM North Wave/J-Wave/Zip-FM/FM802/Cross FM)

  • 10.07

    Joint performance with Ringo Sheena at Toshiba EMI's "Music Talks '99" convention

  • 10.18

    "Sony Media & Battery RED HOT Campaign '99" TV commercial

  • 11.10

    4th single "Addicted To You" ("Sony Media & Battery RED HOT Campaign '99" TV commercial song)

  • 12.16

    First video "Single Clip Collection Vol.1" (VHS) released

  • 12.22

    "Single Clip Collection Vol.1" (DVD) released


    The 32nd Nihon Usen Grand Prix "Special Award"
    The 32nd Nihon Usen Broadcast Grand Prix "New Singer Award"
    The 41st Nippon Record Grand Prix: "Grand Prize in Album Category" for "First Love" and "Honorable Mention Award" for "Automatic"


  • 10.08

    INTER FM regular program "Hikki's Sweet&Sour" started!!(Ended in '99 March)
    FM NORTHWAVE/CROSS FM regular program
    "WARNING HIKKI ATTACK!!" started!(Ended in '99 March)

  • 12.09

    Debuted with the single "Automatic/time will tell"

  • 12.22, 23

    First Osaka campaign