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[2010/01/20] Birthday girl

Or rather, Birthday Woman!

Hello hello, it's my 27th birthday today! Thank you for all the comments and fan letters and fanmail, your words ring through me :)

I hope everybody has been having a good start-of-the-new-year so far.

Me, personally, I've just kicked off my first North American (+London) tour, and I am very excited about this small venue adventure. It's something I've always wanted to do, I know some places sold out really quickly and there were lots of requests and suggestions to move to bigger venues, but I wanted these shows to be intimate...

The first show, in Honolulu, was, my god, I hadn't done a concert in 3 and a half years, so I had no idea how it would go, but fortunately it was a big success, thanks to the warm welcome and energy of my fans! I really do have a good band and great people on sound systems to work with, too. We're going to improve and enhance our show as we carry on.

Again thank you to everyone who showed up, we had a good time didn't we?

Today is the second show, here in Los Angeles, at the House of Blues on the Sunset strip.

I know it's raining cats and dogs out there today, and I know LA isn't the best city when it comes to dealing with rain... so I hope everyone gets there safely, and I hope people don't have to wait in line outside too long!

Wish me luck on my first ever birthday show :)