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[2010/02/05] Balls Chicago ver.

Yup, "American Gothic," Kuma version!

I think most Americans know this iconic painting by Grant Wood, no?

I saw it the day before the show, at this huge museum called the Art Institute of Chicago, where I spent most of the afternoon, trying to see as much of their 300,000 plus collection as I can.

This was the most detailed illustration I'd endeavored upon yet, it ain't easy making tiny drawings on a slightly shaggy textured, spherical object with Sharpies!

The Chicago show was a blast too, and the weather was great for me, I mean the dryness of the season sucks for me as a singer, and I have to keep 3 humidifiers running all night in my hotel room, but the morning snow painted the city a cold white, just making everything beautiful. I really do feel nostalgic and comfortable in cold climates; perhaps because I was born in the middle of a cold winter night in New York.

Now we've finally made it to the East Coast!!

Boston show tomorrow!