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[2010/09/16] おわり


[2010/02/20] Arc an ciel
After recovering my "HP" somewhat in London, I took the Eurostar to Paris. I wonder how many years it's been since my last visit...?

Over the few days I stayed in Paris, the weather was almost like London, with rain showers every now and then.

But look at this nice rainbow! I don't remember seeing a rainbow like this over the backdrop of gray skies before, pretty sweet :)

Au revoir!
[2010/02/14] Balls Day 2 London
Kuma guarding the Buckingham Palace :)

The second night at the O2 Academy Islington was amazing, a very very nice ending to the tour. Great crowd, thank you all so much!

I can't believe the tour is over! Looking back it feels really short, but the first show in Honolulu feels like AGES ago. The show evolved quite a bit over this one month, and I learned A LOT and grew with each show, it was a great experience and I'm so glad we were able to make it happen. I really enjoyed it.

Now I think I'll rest a bit.

Good night!
[2010/02/12] piano virtuoso
I found this awesome little piano in a piano store in London! How could I not ask for a photo to be taken?

OK, there's one thing I'd like to clarify, for the honor of a certain lady who's a friend of mine and works for me as well!

She's on my tour, and she keeps getting mistaken for my Mom... which is REALLY ridiculous because she just turned 40, and she actually looks really young for her age (I don't know how she does it but she has like, no wrinkles whatsoever), and she has really short hair right now which makes her look like a young Japanese boy lol

I couldn't believe it at first, but I guess you Americans seriously cannot tell our age!

On top of that she's pregnant right now and her stomach is getting pretty noticeable LOL

So if you see her be gentle with her :)

Yes, so, my first ever concert in the Eurasian continent tonight was a blast, and tomorrow night, same place, same time, will be the final show of this tour. We'll make it a good one!

By the way, I was surprised by how many Chinese folks came out tonight! Are you guys like taking over Europe? lol
[2010/02/12] Balls London ver.

Oh man, I just realized I have to do another set of illustrations for tomorrow's show...

Don't wanna do the same thing so I'll have to think of some other idea for London...

[2010/02/10] NY ver 1.2
Kuma Of Liberty

Off to London!
[2010/02/10] Balls NYC ver. 1.1
Kuma Kong!

Can you tell that he's holding a blond woman in his left hand?
[2010/02/08] Balls Boston ver.
It's Kuma with a Boston bag, looking fabulous in a pair of Red Socks!

I also tried to throw in the music motif, to refer to The Berklee College of Music... but the melody marks just made Kuma seem like a happy, melodious bear lol

I'm finally in NY, my hometown, and it's good to be back!!
[2010/02/05] Story teller in Winter
2010020516115.jpg This "vehicle" was parked right outside the Art Institute of Chicago.

It was really cute, that's why I snapped a photo of it, I wondered what it was and on the back I sort of made out the words "Puppet" so I'm assuming it belongs to a man called Jack who does puppet shows with this set up.

I wish a show was on when I passed by it! I love watching stuff like this on the street, even if it's cold.

Watching performers on the street reminds of when I was a kid and my mother always always stopped to watch. Especially musicians. She would watch forever, and in the end she sometimes even brought them back to our home! She's really an artist and loves other artists. Very temperamental too, the way a lot of artists are, I guess... God bless, I love her.
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