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Utada Hikaru

Singer and songwriter
Born January 19, 1983

Her debut single “Automatic/time will tell” released on December 9, 1998 sold over two million copies, and at the young age of 16, she made her name as one of Japan’s top artists.
Just a few months later, she released her first album “First Love,” which set the record in CD sales in Japan. This record still remains unbroken.
All of her albums that followed have topped the charts. In 2007, her single “Flavor Of Life” set the world record in number of downloads.
In 2010, she took a break from her music activities to focus on her life as a person. In April 2016, she went full-throttle with her artist activities by releasing the singles “Hanataba Wo Kimini” and “Manatsu No Tooriame.” She is a talented Tetris player.