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MESSAGE from Hikki

  • 2010.02.10

    NY ver 1.2

    Kuma Of Liberty

    Off to London!

  • 2010.02.10

    Balls NYC ver. 1.1

    Kuma Kong!

    Can you tell that he's holding a blond woman in his left hand?

  • 2010.02.08

    Balls Boston ver.

    It's Kuma with a Boston bag, looking fabulous in a pair of Red Socks!

    I also tried to throw in the music motif, to refer to The Berklee College of Music... but the melody marks just made Kuma seem like a happy, melodious bear lol

    I'm finally in NY, my hometown, and it's good to be back!!

  • 2010.02.05

    Story teller in Winter

    This "vehicle" was parked right outside the Art Institute of Chicago.

    It was really cute, that's why I snapped a photo of it, I wondered what it was and on the back I sort of made out the words "Puppet" so I'm assuming it belongs to a man called Jack who does puppet shows with this set up.

    I wish a show was on when I passed by it! I love watching stuff like this on the street, even if it's cold.

    Watching performers on the street reminds of when I was a kid and my mother always always stopped to watch. Especially musicians. She would watch forever, and in the end she sometimes even brought them back to our home! She's really an artist and loves other artists. Very temperamental too, the way a lot of artists are, I guess... God bless, I love her.

  • 2010.02.05

    Balls Chicago ver.

    Yup, "American Gothic," Kuma version!

    I think most Americans know this iconic painting by Grant Wood, no?

    I saw it the day before the show, at this huge museum called the Art Institute of Chicago, where I spent most of the afternoon, trying to see as much of their 300,000 plus collection as I can.

    This was the most detailed illustration I'd endeavored upon yet, it ain't easy making tiny drawings on a slightly shaggy textured, spherical object with Sharpies!

    The Chicago show was a blast too, and the weather was great for me, I mean the dryness of the season sucks for me as a singer, and I have to keep 3 humidifiers running all night in my hotel room, but the morning snow painted the city a cold white, just making everything beautiful. I really do feel nostalgic and comfortable in cold climates; perhaps because I was born in the middle of a cold winter night in New York.

    Now we've finally made it to the East Coast!!

    Boston show tomorrow!

  • 2010.01.31

    Balls Vegas ver.

    My, my, what an audience!

    I just came back to my room after my Las Vegas House Of Blues Show. The crowd was so intensely loud, was this Vegas magic?

    I wasn't sure what to expect here, what sort of crowd turnout it would be, but in the end the House was PACKED, with people from out of town (some guys said they drove 7 hours from Arizona?) and local Las Veganese, and of course some folks from Japan too! I still can't believe the energy you all gave me.

    So here are the autographed balls from tonight, Kuma living his dreams! Sitting at the Poker table in the Casino. He wanted me to take him there but I told him he's not old enough. Really, he's a minor.

    Another wonderful night. I am so grateful.

  • 2010.01.27

    Balls SF version

    Gay Kuma series :)

    Macho-gay Kuma, girly-gay Kuma, and drag queen Kuma!

    Actually, I don't think I've ever really explained it here, but Kuma really is gay (he's a boy but likes men only, no interest in girls...) so these illustrations flowed pretty naturally.

    Oh, did I just out Kuma?

  • 2010.01.27

    San Francisco Fillmore

    Oh what a great venue! Chandeliers, rich atmosphere. And the history! Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Otis Redding, all those greats...

    It was an honor to play there, and the crowd was just wonderful. I am so blessed!

    The Fillmore prepared this nice poster for me.

    It was framed and hung on the dressing room wall, directly facing a Led Zeppelin poster on the other side of the room. Sweetness :)

  • 2010.01.25

    Bear Spotting in Seattle

    And this is a little bear on bicycle handles! I spotted him on my way to the Library, and the very nice guy riding the bic granted me permission to take a photo of him.

    The San Francisco show is hours away!

  • 2010.01.24

    Day off in Seattle

    So, the day after the gig, I had a couple of hours to do whatever I fancied, before taking off to San Fran.

    I decided to walk over to the Seattle Public Library, because I am very fond of books.

    This was actually the first time that I'd gone ANYwhere other than the hotels, live venues, and airports, since the tour began, so just walking outside was exciting... how sad! lol I felt like Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption after he got out of jail. Cars! People bustling about freely! OMG! STORES!

    By the time I got to the Library I'd settled down, but I had a hard time finding it. I went in to a hotel to get directions, and was told that it was right across the street. Oh, THAT thing?!

    It doesn't look like a library at all; so damn modern... and cool. I'd heard it was famous for its architecture but this exceeded my expectations.

    I had a REALLY good time there. So glad I went! My excitement climaxed when I stumbled upon these books on the top floor, in a special section of historic documents.

    "Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest"---it's an endless list of who married whom (a white guy marrying "Walla Walla woman" who cannot sign her name so puts an "x" instead, etc), who died, who was born and baptized, etc etc---which for some reason had me mesmerized, nailed to the ground, reading away.

    I couldn't get enough of it.

    After that I went to a couple of bookstores, BORDERS and Barnes & Nobles, to buy an old Nabokov novel to read instead. (I was impressed by the huge manga sections in both stores.)

    Oh those Church Records... I wish I could've borrowed them, for the road.