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  • 2009.03.01

    Video's done!

    The video for "Come Back To Me" has been delivered!

    It's up on YouTube already, there's a bunch that comes up when you search with "utada come back to me mv"

    I don't know if they're infringing on rights or whatever, I personally think it's awesome that videos and such are available to view online for free. I usually buy videos on iTunes after I see things I like on YouTube, ones I like enough to want in high visual and audio quality. (By the way my favorite video from last year, 2008, was Snoop Dogg's "Sensual Seduction")

    I think the video is going to be posted on myspace (actually, it's up on the Universal website in the music video section) and will be on sale on iTunes eventually, too.

    This is a stillshot from the video in the working stages, and actually, this shot is not used in the final edit so this is a rare shot :)

    I hope I'm not "infringing on rights" lol

    If I am, this photo will be taken down shortly lol

  • 2009.02.12

    An Interview

    I've been doing a lot of interviews the past couple of weeks, and they've all been very nice, but here's one that I personally found interesting to read.


  • 2009.02.11

    iTunes US store!

    "Come Back To Me" is now available on the iTunes US store!

    Whopee :D

    There's like 47 reviews already and I've got 4 1/5 stars as of now. I am so blessed.

    And apparently, my past work (in Japanese) as Hikaru Utada has become available on the iTunes US store as well. I suppose EMI saw this as a good business opportunity lol
    I'm going to ask them if I can get my music videos up, too. Hey, might as well!

    There are 4 "exclusive" remixes of "Come Back To Me" being streamed on the Remixes section of


    My favorite is the 4th one, "(Haji remix)"---it reminds me a bit of "And I Miss You" (Everything But The Girl).

  • 2009.02.10

    With Pouch

    This is the pouch I took to the party.

    If there was a Grammy Award for Best Pouch, I think I would've won :)

  • 2009.02.10


    I went to the Annual Post-Grammy party hosted by LA Reid last night.

    It was held at a famous steakhouse, called Wolfgang something or other?

    I had no idea how big of a deal it was, didn't even know it was a red carpet event till I got there lol

    When I saw the red carpet I was like "Oh man, I should've gone to a pharmacy to buy a hairbrush." The thought of sneaking past the photographers did enter my mind momentarily, but hey, I figured it's part of my job, I did have a killer pouch, and it's not bad promotion for my album either :)

    I got to meet a lot of new people, see familiar faces, had a good time, but I must say, the Filet Mignon was friggin' AWESOME.

  • 2009.02.01

    Happy Birthday to me~

    Yet another belated message... I guess this one is for myself? lol

    Happy birthday to me~ I turned 26!

    What better way to celebrate a birthday than with cupcakes?

    A wave of nostalgia comes over me with every single bite of these adorable little things.

    Aaah childhood memories :)

    We just finished shooting the video for "Come Back To Me" (my short-term memory is going buzurk, I believe it was 3 or 4 days ago)

    Luckily, we were able to spend two days on shooting.

    We are now in the editing process!

    Please do look forward to the completed video :)

  • 2009.01.16

    Still Hacking At It

    Well hello, hello!

    Is it too late even for a belated belated Happy New Year?

    I'm finishing up my new album right now. There's no way it can be released as early as IDJ has announced lol But they are rushing to get this out there for all of you to hear, and that is a very good sign :) It means the album sounds gooood :)

    I started up a myspace page! (Is "page" the right word?) You can listen to my new single there.

    I do plan to start posting messages on myspace soon, start up a dialogue with peeps who have posted messages for me, but that feels premature at the moment. Maybe when I am finished with the album, when, hopefully, we will have managed to generate some sort of response to the music, outside of the internet.

    Having said that, I'd like to clarify that this u3music site will remain to be the most personal ("chatty") outlet of my thoughts and feelings.

    Yours Truly,


  • 2008.11.11


    Kuma playing the marching euphonium :)

  • 2007.09.25

    Bon jour!

    Hello, people!

    Summer has come and gone. I hope you all enjoyed your summer breaks.

    I didn't do a single summer-ish thing this year... it was just too hot in Tokyo!!! I spent most of my time indoors.

    I am currently in New York, having meetings with the IDJ folks, discussing the direction of the next english-language album, how and when we should get started on its production, and so on.

    We got to meet with some producers and track-makers that I'm interested in working with.

    So, uh, yeah, I'll be getting started on another album soon. We're not on any sort of schedule, not rushing at all, and it looks like its going to be a nice mellow start, taking it step by step. We'll just see how it goes. But the general feeling is good.

    Just thought you might like to know that ;)

    The photo is of Kuma-chan (with his pillow) looking out the window from our hotel room.

    Talk to you again soon!

    Au revoir~ :)

  • 2007.07.25

    July greetings***

    .....about a year late, too!!!

    Hi, hi!
    Long time no english message!

    Those of you regularly checking this site have probably noticed that I'm updating like a madwoman lately. I seem to be on a roll.

    You've probably also noticed that I'm posting a lot of pictures of a big teddy bear. Yup. He's my newfound love. His name is Kuma Chang. "Kuma" is japanese for bear, and the little tag on his adorable butt says he was handmade in China, so I thought the last name "Chang" might suit him.

    Ummm, this is like the first english posting this past year, and I'm talking about my bear... lol

    Please pardon my bear-mania!

    I even wrote a song titled "I Am A Bear," which was released last year and became a big hit among children! It was the first time I wrote anything like a nursery rhyme, but the process came surprisingly naturally to me.

    It led me to embrace the child in me. As a result, a lot of people tell me that I seemed to have matured a bit lately. Yippee :)

    I've probably written this before, but I must say it again! I cannot cease to be amazed by all the different places in the world I receive fan mail from! I really do read all my fan mail, and I wish I could write back to each of you, but since that's practically impossible, I will take this chance to say, Thank you!!!

    Please do keep encouraging me to write english messages! :)