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  • 2000.09.26

    Hikaru has become a university student!

    Sorry for the delay in updating this page -- thanks for your patience.
    On Sept. 3, we left Japan and at 6 p.m. on the same day (since we crossed the date line) arrived safely in NY.
    University started the following day. There was lots to do for freshmen on the first day -- signing up for classes, preparing documents for a student ID, and so forth. We went back and forth across the vast campus where we were strangers, while being chased by the Japanese media, which had been eagerly waiting for us. Despite the prohibition of media activities within the school (the campus is mostly open to the general public, except for those who pursue activities disliked by students), the cameras kept chasing us, which was really devastating.
    The university people seemed amazed that the Japanese media would come all this way to cover a singer who wished to be left alone.
    Well, if we were to succumb to such an incident, Hikaru would not be worthy of the name! She has taken a firm stance and attends classes unfazed. Now that Hikaru is a university student, I think her thoughts must be rather complex, though the situation with the media was not unexpected.
    What we can do now, I think, is to quietly lend our support so that Hikaru can spend a happy student life as much as possible, and the experience will be reflected in her music in a favorable way. Our being around her all the time may be annoying to Hikaru, I guess.
    Every day is still a busy day for a freshman, like going all over New York to find a textbook. The number of books she must read as homework is immense! At American universities, students have to read so many books. I myself graduated from a college in New York -- though it's been 30 years -- and I clearly remember those four hard years.
    The university student's life has just begun. What will she study, where is she heading -- I'm quite excited about it. In any case Hikaru is doing very well. I would like to keep you posted with progress reports; consider this the first one. So till next time,
    DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. (something Hikaru often says)

    Teruzane Utada/U3MUSIC

  • 2000.05.25

    About "fake tickets"

    We at U3 MUSIC, hosts of the concert as well as Concert Management Office, would like to express our anger against those who issued "fake tickets" -- a clearly criminal act which was reported in a recent evening edition of the Mainichi Shimbun.
    Some people will do anything so long as it benefits themselves, even if others are hurt in the process. We're very angry that this happened and that innocent fans suffered as a result.
    At present we have requested various agencies to strengthen their control over fraudulent conduct in Net auctions, and we urge you to be cautious when and if you participate in such auctions.
    If you are a victim of such fraud despite your caution, please report it to the police promptly.

    Keiji Ozawa,
    Bohemian Summer Concert Management Office

  • 2000.04.20

    To those who inquired about tickets of "BOHEMIAN SUMMER 2000"

    To those who inquired about tickets:
    The following is for those who have bookmarked the "Message From Hikki" page.
    Information about the tour and ticket purchases can now be reached from the Home page. Please access: http://www.toshiba-emi.co.jp/hikki
    Thank you.

    Nozomu Kaji,
    A&R 1 Group, Domestic A&R Section,
    Virgin Headquarters, Toshiba EMI

  • 2000.04.14

    About Hikaru Utada's analog disc REMIX:Fly Me To The Moon(In Other Words), to be released on May 10

    Release of Hikaru Utada s analog disc REMIX: Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) is just around the corner. The initial production of this product is limited, so we urge those wishing to purchase it to make reservations at record stores.
    For your information, the product is a compilation of four tracks of Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) remixed by various DJs, an original version of which was included in the single CD Wait & See ~Rick~ released on April 19. (For details, see the NEWS section; please note that the original version included in the single CD is not included in this analog disc). Thanks for your continued support of Hikaru Utada!

    Shigetake Haratake, Sales Promotion 2 Group, Sales Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2000.03.17

    About Hikaru Utada at the Japan Gold Disc Award Presentation

    We received various inquiries regarding Hikaru Utada's presence at the Japan Gold Disc Award held on March 15, and we thought we should inform you of what happened.
    We were in the midst of completing a new song that was to be given to the producer on that very day, and so priority was put on the recording work.
    Hikaru Utada attends school from morning to evening and so, she was only free after completing the recording. Her school is far from Tokyo, and in the evening, a large traffic jam was expected.
    Also, live broadcasts require the presence of the participants not just during the broadcast, but earlier for sound checks, camera rehearsals, and other preparations. In fact, it was just before the scheduled appearance of Hikaru that the rehearsal was finished. Given the situation, and Hikaru Utada's wish to respond to fans with a live performance and not just recorded comments, we think we made the best decision. Instead of appearing, Hikaru sent her comments and a live performance from the studio where she was finishing the above-mentioned recording.
    In this connection, we might add that the studio she sang "First Love" (for the Gold Disc Award) is where we heard her singing for the first time, and where such hits as "Automatic" were born as well.
    I think everyone will agree that in the end, the decision was in the best interest of Hikaru Utada and her music.

    Akira Miyake, General Manager, A&R 1 Group, Domestic A&R, Virgin Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.
    Teruzane Utada, U3MUSIC (production & management)

  • 2000.03.08

    About update of this page

    Thank you all for visiting the site!
    We are very relieved that it's become easier to access.
    Visitors who might think the pages haven't been updated should click the "reload" button on their browser, or if that doesn't work, clear the browser cache, quit and then revisit.
    By the way, as many of you may have noticed, a jacket photo of the coming new song, "Wait & See ~Risk~" has been made public for the first time on this site. Furthermore, you can listen to about 30 seconds of the new song on the "Discography" page. Please check it out!

    Nozomu Kaji, A&R 1 Group, Domestic A&R Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2000.03.01

    About pirated versions of Hikaru Utada's works

    A request to all:
    Recently, pirated versions of Hikaru Utada's works have been circulating over the Internet.
    One of these in particular, a copy of her live performance at Umeda HEAT BEAT, greatly infringes on the intellectual property rights of the artist, record company and management office.
    We urge you to take special care so as not to be deceived by such counterfeit products.
    We will conduct a thorough investigation into this matter, which does not exclude the possibility of firm legal action against the perpetrators.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Akira Miyake, General Manager, Domestic A&R Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2000.02.03

    Information about the DVD software "HIKARU UTADA SINGLE CLIP COLLECTION VOL.1"

    DVD "Hikaru Utada Single Clip Collection Vol.1," released from Toshiba EMI on Dec. 22, 1999, was produced for the domestic Japanese market; as such it can only be played on DVD players sold in Japan, and is not compatible with DVD players marketed elsewhere.
    DVDs are encoded with a signal corresponding to regions, called a "region code," allowing them to be played back only on equipment sold in those regions. At Toshiba EMI, DVDS of domestic Japanese artists are sold with a region code for use within Japan only, so as to prevent illegal marketing of DVD software overseas. Thus, on the back cover of each product is clearly marked "(region code) 2 / NTSC / for Japan market."
    We appreciate your understanding.

    Yuji Endo, Video Division, Toshiba EMI Ltd.

  • 2000.01.19

    To those who were unable to connect to the "important announcements" page

    As of 00:40 on Jan. 19, the site is quite busy with many "hits" from so many visitors. We are sorry to those who were unable to connect to the "important announcements" page.
    If your screen hasn't changed after 00:00, please click your browser's "reload" button when "Chuichi" appears at the first screen (http://www.toshiba-emi.co.jp/hikki/).
    Thank you.

    Toshiba EMI Ltd. / U3MUSIC / Fes inc.

  • 2000.01.15

    About re-lease of 2nd Album

    Recently I received the inquiry, "Is it true the second album will be released in March?"
    I've never officially stated such a thing, nor it is fact.
    It is true that during the winter vacation( from end of last year to early this one), Hikki was recording, but the timing of the release of her second album is not yet decided.
    Of course, as soon as it is decided, we'll let you know through this site!
    Please wait a while longer...

    Hidenori Okita
    A&R 1 Group, Virgin Domestic A&R, Toshiba EMI Ltd.