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-15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition-
First Love -15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition-

2014.03.10 RELEASE
Product number:TYCT-69015
Price:15,000yen ‹+tax›
4-discs [platinum SHM/SHM-CD/CD/DVD]

  • 15,000-copies limited edition
    Specification: Serially numbered
  • ■Cloth-covered hardcover book (160 pages)
    Rich in content, including her first long interview (over 20,000 characters in Japanese) after the hiatus, previously unreleased photos, lyrics in the artist's handwriting, and more!
  • ■Encloses perfect replicas of the release announcement/promotion card, the ticket to LUV LIVE, and the backstage pass!


■Disc 1

First Love [2014 Remastered Album]
[platinum SHM]

The platinum SHM version of the state-of-the-art remastered sound by Ted Jensen, one of the world's best mastering engineers!

  1. 1: Automatic -Album Edit-

    Music Video

  2. 2: Movin' on without you

    Music Video

  3. 3: In My Room

  4. 4: First Love

    Music Video

  5. 5: Amai Wana ~Paint It,Black~

  6. 6: time will tell

  7. 7: Never Let Go

  8. 8: B&C -Album Version-

  9. 9: Another Chance

  10. 10: Interlude

  11. 11: Give Me A Reason

■Disc 2

Luv Live

First visual product of Hikaru's first concert, held at Zepp Tokyo on April 2, 1999! A full recording of the legendary show where Schadara Parr appeared as the special guest!

  1. 1: Amai wana ~Paint It,Black~

  2. 2: time will tell

  3. 3: In My Room

  4. 4: Never Let Go

  5. 5: Another Chance

  6. 6: Give Me A Reason

  7. 7: Automatic

  8. 8: Konya wa boogie back feat. Schadaraparr

  9. 9: First Love

  10. 10: Movin' on without you

■Disc 3

First Love [TV Mixes]

Original karaoke versions, many of them previously unreleased, of all tracks on the album (except "Interlude")

■Disc 4

First Love [Bonus Tracks]

11 previously unreleased valuable rare tracks and coupling tracks of singles!
(Please note that some tracks have noises originating from the mastertapes.)

  1. 1: Automatic –Johnny Vicious Remix-
    Included as bonus track of original album

  2. 2: Movin’ on without you –Tribal Mix-
    Included as b-side track of 12cm-single of title track

  3. 3: time will tell –Dub Mix-
    Included as b-side track of 12cm-single of "Automatic / time will tell"

  4. 4: First Love –John Luongo Remix-
    Included as b-side track of single of title track

  5. 5: In My Room –Alternate Version-
    Unreleased recording. A valuable version made at time of mixdown

  6. 6: time will tell –English Version-
    Unreleased recording. An English version made around the same time as the original Japanese version.

    Unreleased recording. It was originally for the soundtrack of “Bagdad Café”. It was recorded for track 10 “Interlude”, but was never used. It was recorded with pianist, Kei Kawano, using just 1 microphone.
    CALLING YOU written by Robert Telson /©1986 by Boodle Music /All Rights Reserved.

  8. 8: Kotoba ni Naranai Kimochi –Demo Version-
    1A snippet of this tune was used in the 10th track of the album "Interlude" and this is its demo version. This is its demo version. The finished song was later included in her 2nd album, “Distance”.

  9. 9: Movin’ on without you –Demo Version-

  10. 10: B&C –Demo Version-

  11. 11: Another Chance –Demo Version-

  12. 12: First Love –Demo Version-
    A home demo that was in the MD handed by Hikaru Utada at the production meeting for the 15th Anniversary Edition, and a version made of connected demos that were officially recorded in studios. In her earlier days, Hikaru Utada used to create her work by first creating the back track as a guideline, then carefully creating the main melody and the lyrics. This music is very valuable in a way that it shows that production steps.
    All the arrangements of the demo tracks were done by Kei Kawano.

  13. 13: Give Me A Reason -Demo Version-
    This recording is precious as she was singing in temporary English lyrics. It was very seldom for her song not to have a fixed Japanese lyric at the time of demo.

  14. 14: Automatic –Demo Version-
    Usually, the basic arrangement for the chorus part was finished by demo. The chorus arrangement was done by Akira Miyake.

  15. 15: SUKIYAKI (Ue wo Muite Aruko) –Live Version-
    Music from her appearance at ‘Music Talks 1998’, the company convention of Toshiba EMI, held on October 20, 1998 at Akasaka Blitz. She first sang this song in a cappella, then she performed “time will tell” and “Automatic”, total of 3 songs. This was her first official stage as “Hikaru Utada”.
    "Sukiyaki (Ue wo Muite Aruko)" Words: Rokusuke Ei / Music: Hachidai Nakamura

"First Love" digital information

■Mastered for iTunes
■High-resolution audio(96kHz / 24bit)
e-onkyo music:http://www.e-onkyo.com/music/

*High-resolution audio
The audio, originally recorded on an analog tape, has been digitalized at 192kHz/24bit in an ultimate quality.
The digital version of this album was remastered by Ted Jensen, one of the world's best mastering engineers, who also did "First Love - 15th Anniversary Edition - ".

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